Fade of the Day – Rivet & Chain Flux Wallet (3 Months) - Heddels

Flux wallet in natural veg tan leather patina

Smooth, buttery patina is the order of the day today with this gently aged Italian veg-tan wallet from Rivet & Chain sent in by Dan Davison of Canada. Dan has used his Flux wallet for 3 months, and despite its short use-time, has changed beautifully.

Dan wears his wallet in his back pocket every day, accounting for the pressure fading around his cards in the center. When he’s driving, he will often put the wallet on his dashboard so the sun can hit it before returning it to his pocket.

The mixture of daily wear, frequent sun-exposure, and a coat of Red Wing all-natural leather conditioner has given the leather a toasty brown hue that with time will darken and become more prominent.

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