Get to Know Rivet & Chain's Crafter and Founder, Dan Davison - Branded By U

"I had decided that instead of dipping my toes into this new hobby, I was going to take the plunge and dive into learning everything there was to know about it (leathercrafting)."  - Dan Davison

Dan's journey into becoming a leathercrafter began just a short time ago in October of 2017.  Since then however, he has been obsessed!  Dan works at a local bike shop (Revolution Cycle) and it was one of his friends that suggested that they make frame bags for their bikes out of leather.  After a visit to a local leather hobby store, Dan walked out with a complete set of leathercrafting tools and hasn't looked back!  

Shortly after making a frame bag (pictured below), Dan started to make wallets and belts for his family and friends.  All of his first creations were done on a small coffee table in his house.  Needing a bigger space, he transformed his laundry room into his workshop, which is where Rivet & Chain was born.
Rivet & Chain leather frame bag

"Needless to say I was hooked and continued to hone my craft in the evenings after my day job and in my free time on weekends.  It made a such a positive impact on me to see someone use something I had made for them; knowing that it might be with them for many years."

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