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Journeyman harness leather notebook wallet full

The Journeyman wallet by Rivet & Chain (founded just a year ago by British-Canadian leatherworker Dan Davison) is handcrafted for those of an old-fashioned sensibility — the type of person who prefers handwritten notes over digital ones, and is perfectly fine with antique-looking brass snap buttons rather than elastic bands and whatnot.

It’s made from a Show Harness leather sourced from Pennsylvania-located tannery Wickett & Craig:

Hot-dipped in a proprietary mix of oils and waxes, Show Harness is weatherproof and has a distinguished depth of color. Able to repel water, the lighter tones also display a handsome pull-up—a signature trait of high-quality, full-grain leathers.

…with every detail (cutting, bevelling, and burnishing) done by hand so that no two wallets are exactly the same.

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