Flux veg tan leather wallet in natural
Flux veg tan leather wallets in natural, chestnut, tan and hickory
Flux veg tan leather wallet in tan
Flux veg tan leather wallet in chestnut
Flux veg tan leather wallet in hickory
Flux veg tan leather wallet in tan mocha stitching
Flux veg tan leather wallet in tan back
Flux veg tan leather wallet in natural full
Flux veg tan leather wallet in hickory front cash
Flux veg tan leather wallet in hickory back card
Flux veg tan leather wallets in natural and burgundy back
Flux veg tan leather wallet in burgundy
Using Flux veg tan leather wallet in tan
Using Flux veg tan leather wallet in oiled tan
Flux wallet in natural veg tan leather patina
Maine thread colour options

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Flux wallet

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The Flux wallet is designed to carry your indispensable cards and cash. A single piece of vegetable tanned leather is cut by hand and wrapped around itself forming a minimalist card holder with three slim pockets. Each wallet is built to last; the thick bottom edge is waxed and burnished by hand. I now use 4/5oz (1.6-2mm) thick leather, in all colours except burgundy, a little thicker than what was originally used. The rugged leather can be unforgiving at first, but it soon breaks in to a point where you would be surprised at how much it can hold. Nonetheless, it's slim profile makes it perfect for front or back pocket carry, without the bulk of a traditional wallet. Around eight cards can be stored in the main compartment, while the side pockets keep a few folded bills and your most used cards easily accessible.

Every wallet is stitched by hand using Maine thread, a waxed polyester cord twisted from four strands. Polyester thread has a higher tensile strength than linen or animal sinew, which makes it perfect for hand stitching. It also does not change colour over time and is very resistant to oils and abrasion. You can customise your Flux wallet with your own choice of thread colour.

Vegetable tanned leather will develop a unique patina over time, absorbing the oils from your hands, the indigo from your jeans, and UV light from the sun. As it wears and ages, vegetable tanned leather develops a sheen in high stress areas, and darkens throughout its lifetime. The natural vegetable tanned leather option is the choice of the true leather enthusiast. It is leather in its most raw form. It has not been dyed or altered in any way, and how it will look depends entirely on you. By purchasing a natural vegetable tanned leather wallet you’re starting a patina project. Note that it can be more susceptible to stains and water marks if left untreated, but every mark in the leather tells a story about the life its owner has lived. Use it hard, give it sun exposure, occasionally give it a light coat of oil or all natural leather conditioner, and over the years it will darken to a deep rich brown. All of my leather is sourced from Wicket & Craig in the United States, one of the few remaining tanneries still producing vegetable tanned leather.

The tan and chestnut colour options have are made from English Bridle leather, a vegetable tanned leather which is drum dyed and hot stuffed with waxes and tallows, providing it with exceptional durability. The English Bridle leather I use is of such strength and quality that it is typically destined for high end equestrian gear, but also makes it perfect for small carry goods when skived down to a suitable thickness. English Bridle has a smooth matte finish with a firm temper, but breaks in easily with some use. English Bridle differs from natural vegetable tanned leather because it has been dyed and treated after tanning, giving it its colour, feel, and strength. Although, it must be said that all of the leather I use is of the same and utmost quality.

The hickory coloured Show Harness leather Wickett & Craig produces is hot-dipped in a special mix of oils and waxes. The rich concentration of oils in the leather makes it highly resistant to moisture and displays a handsome pull-up effect when the leather is bent or stretched. Wickett & Craig's Harness leather is the best smelling leather of any I have ever worked with.

Finally, the burgundy colour option is made from a 2/3oz Traditional Harness leather. You can learn more about different kinds of leather here. During the tanning process, an exclusive blend of nourishing waxes, oils, and tallows are hot stuffed into the leather after it is drum dyed to give it a rich concentration of color and greater durability. And through a traditional process called jack glazing, oils in the leather are brought up to the surface, creating a glossy finish that never masks the leather’s natural grain. However, it is slightly more susceptible to scratching, so unless you love the unique look it will develop over time, you won't want to keep it in the same bag as your keys.

I make these individually on a made to order basis. Please allow up to one week of production time before your order is shipped.

Initials/monograms can be stamped into the leather by request. Please leave a note on the order with the initials and preferred location on the wallet. 

Size: 10cm x 7.5cm x 1.5cm full

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